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Hello cyclists
Here I have tried to compile informations that can help you travelling around the world, as much as they help us to travel
Enjoy !

Where to sleep and camp

Discover on maps the places shared by other travelers, major website by continent and Facebook related group
Accomodations and camping in Africa
Accomodations and camping in America
Accomodations and camping in Asia
Accomodations and camping in Europe
Accomodations and camping in Oceania

Campsite according to others travellers
Accomodations according to others travellers
Bike shop according to others travellers
Here you will find all locations advised by other cyclists on WhatsApp or Telegram groups by city

Airplane compagnies

What kind of fees to take your bicycle in a plane

App on the phone

Meeting people / Communication / Maps / Translate / Accomodations / Travel / Others

Tips from others travellers

Here you will find some advise by other cyclists from WhatsApp or Telegram groups


How to use a VPN - (comparison)
How to fix my bike - (videos)
Where can I fly with my drone? Global Drone Regulation / \ Drone Law
Equipment on the road - (comparison)
Words of the world - (dictionaries)