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  • China
    • How to have a sim card : One place in Kashgar give sim card for foreigner, China mobile, you need a traduction of your passport (do it at your hostel). Coordinates 39.465877, 75.987424
    • How to have petrol : ask to driver to help you having petrol in station, because they will not sell you petrol directly

  • Indonesia
    • Camping in Sumatra can be dangerous, camp near mosques & schools, avoid oil palm tree plantation

  • Iran
    • How to get money in Tehran : Try Ferdowsi square, you will see exchange shop with a Western Union sign / Try Seven Hostel, possible with paypal paiement
    • Is it possible to receive parcel in Iran : For "small" parcel, it's possible if you mentioned a value less than 50€, they will not check. If it's too big, they will open and charge you

  • Tadjikistan
    • Is it possible to cycling the Pamir in October / November : Possible, but you have to be prepared for the cold night (-15, -20°), the homestay can be close too
    • On the Pamir, you will need somoni, dollar can be accepted only in the big city
    • Where to find a map of the Pamir : At the Swiss Ambassy in Dushanbe

  • Thailand
    • Be carefull, 40% import taxes on cycling equipement in Thailand

  • Vietnam
    • How to find cheap hostel in Vietnam : Look for sign saying NHA NGHI




  • How to have fake airplane ticket
    • South Korea Airline you get a reservation document (a real one) which is automatically canceled if you don't pay within 15 days. And you can also edit an old ticket with new flight info but it's more risky
    • is very good but you have to pay. Also which is free but is less practical
    • You can book on, you have 3-5 days to pay, but you have the reservation number immediately. If you not paid, your booking is cancelled. But with the number, you can go to Checkmytrip and use the number to print your reservation

  • Bike on the train
    • In Vietnam : Very easy to get bikes on trains. You pay an extra fee to get it in the cargo carriage, usually right behind the loco. Standard prices, fares are listed at the train station. You have to get a ticket for your bike the day of the departure. Show up at least 30mn before departure
    • In Uzbekistan : No problem, you will have to pay an extra charge to put in. Be carefull, some high speed train between Samarkand and Tashkent doesn't allow bike on.

  • Bike on the bus
    • In Iran : No problem at all. The driver will charge you. The price is bargaining
    • In Turkey : No problem at all. The driver will charge you. The price is bargaining

  • Ferry
    • Alat to Aktau : Possible to take the ticket directly in Alat, but you will have to wait on the parking the next ferry (instead of in an hostel in Baku). Check$ with meals
    • Busan / Fukuoka : Only possible with New Camelia. 90k wons (second class) +10k bicycle + 9k taxes
    • Bandar Abbas (Iran) to Dubai : 80€ and bike free / 12h / dinner & breakfast included